Sunday, May 07, 2017

Govt mulls ways to spot bonafide, rogue drones

New Delhi: How to differentiate a bonafide drone from a rogue one? That's the key challenge being faced by the government before it allows commercial use of unmanned aerial vehicles.
More than a year after aviation regulator DGCA came out with draft norms for unmanned aircraft system, the civil aviation and the home ministries are still discussing ways to put in a robust framework to regulate them.
Civil Aviation Secretary R N Choubey said there are still apprehensions about drones, with the issue of tracking them remaining a major technological challenge.
"I would not say that we have come to a stage where we can say that we have a nice system for drones.
"We are still finding that the issue of tracking of drones is a very major technological challenge. How to track whether a particular drone is a bonafide drone or a rogue drone. So that technical aspect we are working on," Choubey told in an interview.
Amid concerns over security, the government had banned the use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UASs), including drones, by civilians in October 2014.
07/05/17 PTI/Times of India