Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Gujrat government seeks new aircraft operator

Amendments in aviation rules have prompted the State government to look for a new company to provide operation services to the aircraft owned by the Gujarat government. The current service provider, say officials, lacks required permits as per revised rules. The hunt for a new company has been expedited after the Maharashtra Chief Minister recently escaped unscathed when his helicopter crashlanded in Latur district.
The company that maintains that helicopter also operates the Gujarat government's aircraft. The State owns an 18-year-old twin engine Beechcraft B200 that has been operated and maintained by Mumbaibased Indamer Aviation Private Limited for six years now. As per revisions made to the Civil Aviation Requirements (CAR) by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and implemented in June 2016, permission for undertaking aircraft operations under CAR can be granted only to an organisation that has 'adequate number of appropriately licensed flight crew either state government employed or on deputation from defiance forces or from Non- Scheduled Operator Permit (NSOP) holder having the requisite flying experience.'
An NSOP is issued to a company that has pilots qualified — according to DGCA guidelines — to operate VIP flights. The permit is granted only if the licenses and flying hours meet bare minimum requirement as per DGCA rules.
30/05/17  Alok Brahmbhatt/Ahmedabad Mirror