Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Guy tweets to IndiGo about misplaced luggage; ‘Glad to hear that’ replies the airline!

Kolkata: We all know about automated replies as well as textbook ones, but sometimes those can be quite inappropriate and cause a lot of embarrassment for the organisation. A similar incident happened when an airline passenger flying with IndiGo complained on Twitter about his luggage been misplaced. Thanks to what can only be explained as either an automated reply or someone who just has no idea of what sarcasm means, the domestic carrier’s handle posted the following response, “Glad to hear that”!
A reply, you certainly don’t want a perplexed and angry passenger to hear, right?
Twitter user Roshan Agarwal was flying down to Calcutta by IndiGo airlines on April 29, however, his luggage was sent to Hyderabad. He took to Twitter to complain about the incident and wrote, “@IndiGo6E Thank you for sending my baggage to Hyd and flying me to Calcutta at the same time. Brilliant service. #DieIndigo”.
Soon, within few minutes there was a reply from the carrier’s Twitter handle, and it was hilarious. Irked by the insensitivity, the passenger further wrote, “How dumb can you be?”
Though realising the mistake the domestic carrier company deleted the erroneous tweet, but thanks to active Twitter users, its screenshots have now gone viral. Not just on Twitter, but over the past two days, Agarwal’s Twitter thread with IndiGo airlines has been widely circulated on WhatsApp as well.
03/05/17 Indian Express