Thursday, May 25, 2017

Jammu Airport to get makeover: From childcare, coupons for Vaishno Devi to expansion of area, here’s all you need to know

New facilities are being added at Jammu Airport with an aim to cater to the growing traffic, ANI reported on Thursday. The report said that the area of the airport itself will be expanded as a measure to cater to the growing requirement of the region for aviation. The setting up of new facilities by the airport authorities is already getting positive feedback from passengers.
“One of the greatest facilities that are being provided is that we can now purchase coupons for Vaishno Devi darshan. It has saved us from stranding in long queues and saved a lot of time for us,” a passenger was quoted as saying by ANI.
Besides these, the authorities are now mulling to expand the total area of the airport from 6745 square meters to 14500 square meters. “In 2001, Jammu Airport was constructed. However, its operation of flights was less. Since the area was less, the airport’s capacity was 180 arrivals and 180 departures,” Director of Jammu Airport, DK Gautam was quoted as saying ANI.
25/05/17 Financial Express