Sunday, May 21, 2017

Metro ride to airport smooth, but walk to terminal tiresome

Chennai: For commuters taking the metro train to the airport, heading to the terminal may not be as easy as boarding the air-conditioned coach.
Air passengers alighting at the airport station have to exit the facility and walk for 15 minutes to the terminal. While passengers complain that the shuttle service introduced by for air passengers from the metro station to the airport is erratic, promised facilities like walkalator and web check-in for easy access to the airport and hassle-free travel are yet to be in place.
The much-anticipated elevated line between Little Mount and Airport was launched in September 2016. Metro rail officials had said commuters would soon be get several new facilities at the airport station including the walkalator, to be built by Airport Authority of India, which will connect both the metro station with the airport terminal. A tube was constructed linking both the platform level of the metro station with the entry of the airport. But since there is no walkalator that would enable passengers, carrying heavy luggage, easily move between the two facilities, the tube has been cordoned off.
In October 2016, metro rail launched shuttle services to improve commuter mobility. Four battery operated cars have been shuttling air passengers between the metro station and airport, and back. But commuters complain that they had to wait for more than 15 minutes to catch a shuttle service. Hence, many of the air passengers end up walking to the terminal from the station.
21/05/17 U Tejonmayam/Times of India