Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Midair alarm as Kolkata-Hyderabad co-pilot faints

New Delhi: The co-pilot of an IndiGo Airlines Kolkata-Hyderabad flight fainted in the cockpit last Thursday, forcing the aircraft commander to make an emergency landing in Bhubaneswar. The aircraft, with nearly 150 passengers on board, later departed for Hyderabad after requisitioning a fresh co-pilot.
Aircraft Accident Investigation Board is probing the case.
According to sources, the first officer or co-pilot took ill when the aircraft took off from Kolkata and levelled off at its assigned cruising altitude. While drinking water, he began to choke and fell unconscious. Cabin crew members tried to revive him and administered oxygen, using a quick-don mask. They even made an announcement for a doctor but there was none among passengers.
Faced with an incapacitated crew member, the pilot declared May Day and landed in Bhubaneswar, the nearest airport. Though the co-pilot regained consciousness before the flight reached Bhubaneswar, he was still feeling unwell.
03/05/17 Times of India