Monday, May 01, 2017

No steps to name Ajmer-Kishangarh airport yet

State government prefers to maintain silence on the issue of naming the Ajmer-Kishangarh airport which will be open for air travel, probably from the month of June. Congress party that was in power prior to Vasundhara Raje government was eager to name Ajmer-Kishangarh airport as Ajmer Sharif Airport but had to face massive protests from BJP party.
BJP MLA of Kishangarh, Bhagirath Choudhary, not wanting this controversy to rise again before the inauguration of the airport said, "The name Kishangarh airport which is sufficient at present. These days we recognise airports from the places like Sanganer airport and Palam airport." He added that there is no need to name this airport after any person. He added that the code which this airport received from Canada has the alphabets KG.
But BJP leaders including senior leaders want that there should be a proper name for Ajmer-Kishangarh airport which will identify a local hero or a place. Most of the BJP leaders want the name of Kishangarh airport after the last Hindu ruler Prithviraj Chauhan who ruled from Ajmer, the ruins of his fort are still there at Taragarh hills. Both sitting state ministers, Vasudev Devnani and Anita Bhadel, want that the name of the airport should be after Prithviraj.
However, not all in the BJP are happy. A faction in the party and many religious leaders want that the name of Kishangarh airport should have the name of Pushkar Raj or be based on Lord Brahma. "Lord Brahma is the creator and therefore the airport after his name will create employment, help in tourism and facilities," said Kripa Ram of Pushkar, a saint.
The priests of Pushkar also want that the name of the airport should be Pushkar Raj as most of the passengers who will use this facilities will come to Pushkar only. "We have international festival here and it is a religious abode, therefore the airport should signify the importance of Pushkar," said a priest.
There are also some Dalit factions that want the name of airport after Dalit woman leader, Jhalkari Bai, Jhalkari Bai was a local freedom fighter and naming the airport after her will give her the due recognition, they feel. Other suggested names like Haribhau Upadhya and B K Kaul have been sent to the state government from the saffron groups.
01/05/17 The Times Of India