Saturday, May 13, 2017

Noise barrier curbs: NGT raps DIAL, DGCA for delay

The National Green Tribunal ( NGT) on Friday rapped Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL), Ministry of Civil Aviation and Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) on the status of implementing the noise barrier, restriction on the use of reverse thrust, greening of airport sideline and dumping of waste by aircrafts before landing.

Clarifying over the issue, DIAL has mentioned that they have given the contract to the IIT-Delhi to study under the Scope of work on the implantation of noise barrier with the possibilities of shifting ground radars. However, DIAL, had omitted the point of “possibility of shifting of ground radars.

“The Scope of work is incomplete as it does not include the possibility of shifting of Ground Radars at all,” said Ashwani Kumar, an advocate who represent an NGO Chetna, the petitioned in this matter. The counsel for the NGO also pointed out that Ahish K Dapre of IIT was commissioned for this purpose and he had already submitted his report but that was not being placed before the NGT by DIAL.
13/05/17 Sapna Singh/The Pioneer