Saturday, May 27, 2017

Reaching For the Skies: A Career in Air Force

No land battle can succeed without a strong and well-prepared Air Force. Whether it is to defend one’s own forces and vulnerable areas or to carry the war into enemy territory, the Air Force is indispensable for the country’s defence.

For all those nurturing their childhood dream of being a fighter pilot or an officer, the Indian Air Force (IAF) offers some excellent career opportunities.

The Flying Branch is the prime branch of the Air Force. As an officer of the Flying Branch, you may seek a career as a fighter pilot, a pilot for transport aircraft, helicopter, or as a navigator. As an Air Force pilot, you’ll be flying state-of-the-art aircrafts and will be trained for air fight, shooting down enemy aircraft, attacking ground targets and rescue and relief operations. The Air Force provides sophisticated training to youth who are totally inexperienced and takes them through various stages till they can fly the best aircraft in the world.
27/05/17 Northeast Today