Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Russian tourist tries to open Moscow-Delhi plane door mid-air

New Delhi: Passengers and crew aboard Aeroflot flight from Moscow to Delhi got a scare when a drunk passenger tried to open one of the doors of the flight mid air.
The crew on board Flight SU 232, Moscow-New Delhi acted quick to control the situation. The staff on board stopped the person from opening the door and calmed other passengers.
The pilot informed the Delhi Air Traffic Controller (ATC) about the situation and requested for police's help at the airport. The incident on the flight took place when the plane was about to land.
According to a Delhi Police official, the incident took place on May 22. After the flight landed in Delhi, the man was handed to authorities. Aeroflot's control room in Moscow was also informed about the incident.
The passenger was reportedly made to appear in a court and let off after paying a fine of Rs 50,000.
31/05/17 Business Today