Monday, May 01, 2017

When sky is the limit: NFK Club members learn theories of aeromodels

Members of the Nagpur for Kids Club on Sunday got a first-hand experience of aeromodels at a workshop organized by Aerovision at Nagpur University ground, Ravi Nagar, on Sunday. The children were in for a treat as the experts from Aerovision aimed to touch the creative chord of the children with respect to aviation.
Nilambari Joshi, head, Aerovision, initiated the workshop with some insights in the world of aeromodels, emphasizing on the fact that learning if accompanied with practical approach, it can create wonders. An interactive session was held to discuss the history of airplanes and aeromodels, wherein most of the kids were found to have the basic knowledge of it.
The workshop was divided in two sections, demonstration and construction.
In the first segment, Rajesh Joshi, faculty of Aerovision, explained and demonstrated the five different types of aeromodels: paper plane, walk along glider, balsawood chuck glider, rubber powered aeromodel and catapult glider.
Rajesh asked the kids to take stroll down the memory lane and make paper planes (which does not require any training), on their own, in 2 minutes. The kids brought forth different types of paper planes. To this, Joshi added, "These are not mere paper planes, these are our imaginations, practically and metaphorically. None of the kids were taught how to make or what to make. All we did was provide paper and let the creativity guide the kids."
01/05/17 The Times Of India