Monday, June 26, 2017

Air India will be sold for a pittance: CPI(M)

Vijayawada: CPI(M) Central Committee Member and Kerala Finance Minister Thomas Isaac on Sunday said public sector units were being handed over to private owners in a systematic way and cited the example of Air India.

Speaking at a seminar on Communalism and the Challenges here, he said Air India would be soon sold for a pittance. “Banks, owing to political pressure, are lending to private entrepreneurs who are defaulters, thus paving the way for an increase in non-performing assets. In the name of recapitalisation, these banks are handed over to corporates,” he alleged. Delving on the GST, he said the new tax policy would help the big players while the small entrepreneurs and general public would suffer. “The benefits the big players are getting are not passed on to the general public.”

He said the economic reforms were being implemented by mesmerising the population with populist slogans and communal slogans were added to divert the serious issues.

On the BJP’s tryst with Kerala, Mr. Isaac said the party was upset that it couldn’t enter the State. “The statement by BJP President Amit Shah that he would visit Kerala every month shows its frustration.”
26/06/17 The Hindu