Thursday, June 22, 2017

CISF gets thank-you note from flyer for putting sex pest in dock

At a time when law enforcers are often in news for their apathy towards women facing sexual harassment, the CISF, which handles airport security, has received a pat on its back from a complainant for its sensitive handling of her case.
On Wednesday, a lawyer, who had a harrowing time onboard a Delhi-Mumbai flight earlier this week, wrote a thank-you note to the CISF for the way its staff at Mumbai airport handled the case.
The letter addressed to CISF director general O P Singh reads: "Sir I have read many case diaries and charge sheets and have heard from victims how traumatic the entire episode of any sexual molestation case is for the victim due to our procedures, but am now feeling a deep sense of gratitude to the way CISF Mumbai handled the entire episode, ensuring the smooth transfer of the matter to the local police, making me feel extremely secure and confident with my decision to lodge an FIR never even once trying to dissuade me or in any manner to make me feel a bit under pressure."
She further wrote: "After much thought I am sending this mail to you... wanting to put across my gratitude for making me feel safe and secure and for realizing that despite the thankless job that cops do in society, behind the uniform, we do have exemplary individuals who not only fight crime but also enable victims to speak up."
Singh told TOI: "The CISF personnel were called inside the aircraft as it was an urgent and serious matter. I spoke to her after we received the letter and she was still very distressed... I'm proud that my officers handled the situation with extreme sensitivity."
22/06/17 Times of India