Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Machail Yatra: Copter Services Go Cheaper

The rates for helicopter services from Gulabgarh to Machail and back have been substantially reduced for the upcoming Machail Yatra scheduled to be held from August 1st to 31st.
Pilgrims above 12 years of age  shall have to pay Rs 1550, while the pilgrims aged between 2 to 12 years shall have to pay Rs 1400. The child up to two years shall be flown free of cost by the operators, a statement here said.

To add, the fares during the present year are the lowest since the inception of Heli Services for this Yatra.
During the year 2016, the tariff per ticket per side was Rs 2000.
In 2015 the tariff was Rs. 2400 per ticket and the year 2014, every ticket cost Rs.2700/-.

The reduction in tariff will surely be a source of satisfaction for the pilgrims by the heli travel on this long journey becoming for more affordable than the previous years, the statement said.
21/06/17 Greater Kashmir