Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Pilots must await DGCA’s decision

Mumbai: After the pilots guild consisting of pilots from Air India and Jet Airways approached the Bombay HC against the proposed DGCA rules to extend the notice period of pilots from six months to a year, the court held that the opposition to the DGCA proposal was too soon as the recommendation was still in the draft stage and would only become valid after the DGCA implemented it.

The DGCA told the court that it had invited suggestions and objections to the proposed amendments to the Civil Aviation Requirements (CAR) till June 14 and would soon take a decision on the implement ation of the draft.

A division bench of Jutsice S Kemkar and G.S. Sonak was hearing a petition filed jointly by Indian Pilots Guild and National Aviators Guild wherein the pilots had challenged the draft proposal of the DGCA to increase the notice period the pilots had to serve while quitting their job.

The pilots had contended that the six month long notice period was already putting a spanner in their career growth prospects and increasing it to one year would affect their chances to get better prospects drastically and adversely.
21/06/17 Asian Age