Thursday, June 01, 2017

Vistara claims information about withdrawing all flights from Kolkata as baseless

Kolkata: India's low cost airline Vistara, a joint venture between Singapore Airlines and Tata Sons, has said on digital media platforms --such as Twitter and Facebook -- that it is not suspending all flights taking off from Kolkata.
 It tweeted an official statement on Tuesday in response to what Vistara calls 'false information circulating on Whatsapp and email'.
The same statement is also available on the company's Facebook page.
In its statement, Vistara said, "There is a whatsapp message circulating that contains fabricated statements regarding Vistara and its operations in Kolkata."
It said, "We unequivocally state that Vistara has no plans whatsoever to withdraw from the Kolkata market.
31/05/17 India Blooms