Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Air India chief tells staff their interests will be safeguarded

New Delhi: Air India CMD (Chairman and Managing Director) Ashwani Lohani on Tuesday assured its employees their interests would be "safeguarded", seeking to allay their concerns over possible layoff following the government's decision to sell its stake in the national carrier.
In the first formal communication from the debt-laden airline's top management since the decision to privatise it was taken, Lohani told the staff,"I would like to reassure all my employees that during the process of disinvestment, the government and the airline management would like to safeguard your genuine and valid interests and ensure that suitable measures to this effect are put in place."
In a letter addressed to the employees, Lohani also wrote that ownership change will usher in a corporate culture where merit would be better rewarded.
The Air India boss' missive to its employees came on a day a section of the staff held a protest against its proposed privatisation over fear of job loss on a large scale.
Noting that the government's decision to pull out of Air India was in the airline's best interest, Lohani wrote,"It is the firm conviction of the government that the process of disinvestment is only meant to make Air India a much stronger world class airline capable of competing with others successfully."
18/07/17 PTI/Times of India