Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Close Shave For 178 Passengers as IndiGo Aircraft Aborts Takeoff at Patna Airport

Patna: 178 passengers had a close shave after pilots of an IndiGo aircraft aborted take-off following failure of its airconditioning unit on Wednesday. Pilots of the Kolkata bound Airbus 320 flight 6E-634 of IndiGo Airlines decided to abort take-off at the Jay Prakash Narayan international airport in Patna after they detected technical snag in one its AC unit. All 178 passengers on board were reported safe.
According to initial reports, the IndiGo aircraft was grounded and passengers were deboarded after one of the AC units of the aircraft cabin failed. The pilots decided to abort the takeoff after they detected the snag in one of its AC unit. The aircraft had lined up for take-off on the runway, after the air traffic control (ATC) had given the aircraft clearance.
There were 132 passengers from Patna and another 46 from Lucknow on board when the IndiGo aircraft suffered a technical snag moments before the takeoff. “The aircraft had lined up for take-off at 10.30am when its pilots reported technical fault and returned to the parking bay. The aircraft had not started rolling for take-off. So, there was no question of the pilots having to apply emergency brakes,” Patna Airport director Rajender Singh Lahauria told Hindustan Times.