Friday, July 14, 2017

Co-passenger molests airport worker in shuttle cab, cabby held

Kolkata: A woman employed with an agency and working for Air India has complained she was molested by her co-passenger in a shuttle taxi on her way to the airport around 6am on Tuesday. She alleged that with no help forthcoming from the driver, she was forced to defend herself all through the 2km stretch from Kaikhali to the airport.
The woman dialled 100 after the cabby dropped her off at the airport near the CISF-manned check-in area and fled the spot with the main accused. CISF personnel and cops, who went through CCTV footage and identified the cab based on the woman's complaint, arrested the cabby when he came to drop off passengers later in the day.
According to Bidhannagar Police, the woman had boarded the shuttle from Kaikhali. Seeing someone already occupying the rear seat, she chose to sit next to the driver. The woman alleged that the co-passenger uttered something obscene and when she objected, the accused touched her inappropriately. The driver reportedly ignored the subsequent altercation that broke out between the duo and continued driving. "The woman called 100 and we responded. A case was started based on a specific complaint by the woman at the NSCBI Airport police station," an officer said.
After being dropped off, the woman approached the CISF personnel for help after noting down the taxi's registration number.
14/07/17 Times of India