Monday, July 24, 2017

Coimbatore airport sets up Zika virus screening centre

Coimbatore: Health Department has set up a screening centre at Coimbatore International Airport following Zika virus scare.

The screening facility has come up as a precaution after a 27-year-old man from Krishnagiri district was found with the virus infection a few weeks ago.

Deputy Director of Health Services P.G. Bhanumathi said that a health inspector will be available at the screening centre when international flights arrive at the airport.

“The health inspector will check the list of passengers on the arrival. Details of passengers with fever will be collected. Such passengers will be treated in quarantine on our advice. Also, a team from Health Department will visit the place of the passenger and carry out source reduction works to prevent mosquito breeding in the area,” said Dr. Bhanumathi.

A virus spread by aedes aegypti mosquito as in the case of dengue, infection of Zika post incubation will manifest symptoms such as fever, rashes on skin, inflammation of eyes, muscle and joint pain, uneasiness and headache.
24/07/17 Wilson Thomas/The Hindu