Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Facebook page relives the glory era of Air India

Mumbai: Once upon a time, Air India ruled the Indian skies. They had a stellar fleet, the Maharaj symbol was iconic and the airhostesses’ fashion worked wonders. Today, they are in the news for their decision to serve vegetarian meals on their flights, and the possibility of disinvestment. But, if you would like to relive the glory era, check out the Facebook page called, The Bygone Times of the Indian Skies.
It is filled with photos - a mix of black and white, and colour - sourced from magazines like Aeroplane Monthly, archives from old staff and even passengers. They showcase the beauty of the luxurious lounges, the embossed cutlery, boarding passes and tickets, the stamp released to commemorate the arrival of the Indian Airlines Airbus A300 in India in 1976 and even the crashes. There’s a lot of history on display and every photo comes with detail. The intricate artwork that used to grace the interiors of the planes in the glory days, the changes in the airhostesses’ uniforms, and specifications of the different planes on the fleet are all part of the page.
The standout images include those of JRD Tata personally checking the quality of service being offered to customers, the then Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi, posing with crew on board Air India One, and Mother Teresa being escorted to an aircraft in Bangalore.
18/07/17 Joanna Lobo/Mid Day