Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Para athlete slams IndiGo

Para athlete and disabled activist Suvarna Raj had to miss her IndiGo flight to Udaipur on Tuesday morning allegedly as the security men at the Delhi's IGI airport failed to scan her wheelchair due to lack of equipment. The airline, however, said that Raj had reported late because of which she missed her flight.
A few weeks ago, Raj had come into the limelight after she was allotted an upper birth in a train while revelling from New Delhi railway station. Talking to DNA, Raj said that she had reached airport well in advance to ensure security checks are done in time.

"The security men did not have proper equipment. They kept me waiting. After a while, we learned that the flight had already taken off. I have travelled many times but such callousness is rare. This isn't the first time I am travelling in my wheelchair, " Raj said.

She said that the airport authority must be well equipped so that inconvenience to those disabled can be avoided.
19/07/17 DNA