Monday, July 03, 2017

Parallel taxiway at city airport can increase efficiency

With the start of Approach Control Service for arriving and departing aircraft based on Radar (Surveillance sensor) at Nagpur’s Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar International Aiport, a parallel taxiway can add to the efficiency of traffic management at the airport. And with reduction in time, if flights are increased then additional taxiway will be a great boon as far as flight operations are concerned.

The surveillance-based Approach Control Services could have been more efficient and fuel saving, had there been a parallel taxiway/Rapid Exit Taxiway system at Nagpur airport. Many travellers must have felt that an aircraft takes a lot of taxi time on the runway including backtrack time due to lack of parallel taxiway/Rapid Exit Taxiway infrastructure at Nagpur airport. With the present state of available taxiway infrastructure at Nagpur Airport subsequent arrivals cannot be brought closer than 15 Nautical Miles (28Km) resulting in loss of time to subsequent arrivals and departures. Airport Authority of India (AAI) is requesting frequently to Government of India to start another taxiway at the airport.
03/07/17  Vikas Vaidya/Hitavada