Monday, July 10, 2017

Sex Toys, Drones Among At Least 1,000 Parcels Stopped At Delhi Airport

New Delhi: From drones and remote controlled helicopters to sex toys and porn, a bewildering variety of objects being illegally brought into the country from abroad are detained regularly by the customs department.

It has put on hold the delivery of at least 1,000 such parcels, some of them containing restricted and prohibited items, at the Foreign Post Office (FPO) in Delhi alone, according to official data.

"People have been trying to bring in prohibited items like narcotics, porn materials including magazines, CDs and sex toys, besides restricted items including drones and helicopters," a senior customs official said, requesting anonymity.

Drones and remote controlled helicopters can be brought into the country only against necessary permission from authorised government agencies due to security concerns, he said.
09/07/17 PTI/NDTV