Sunday, July 09, 2017

This is how Guptas were allowed to land at Air Force Base Waterkloof – report

Permission was never granted for the Guptas’ wedding guests to land from SARS, the Civil Aviation Authority and defence force.

Instead, Bruce Koloane, then head of state protocol, sent the pilot who landed the Jet Airways flight highly sensitive information including maps and aviation charts over insecure email systems such as Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail in a bid to camouflage a paper trail that would directly link him to the Guptas.

According to the Sunday Times, Jet Airways advised Anil Gupta, father to Vega Gupta, that permission first had to be obtained from the CAA. A letter was then written to the Indian high commissioner, requesting his intervention.

“Landing at the airport will not only be highly convenient but will also ensure the comfort and safety of our high-profile guests,” the email read.

Koloane sent information to Ashu Chawla, CEO of Gupta-owned Sahara group, who then passed it on to the management of Jet Airways.

The information sent to the pilot consisted of military charts, official airforce markings,  information on radio and navigation frequencies and co-ordinates of buildings reserved for state officials and airline employees.
09/07/17 The Citizen