Wednesday, July 19, 2017

When Indian MiG-29Ks 'Clashed' With US Super Hornets Over Bay Of Bengal

New Delhi: When Russia deployed its sole aircraft carrier, the Kuznetsov off the coast of Syria earlier this year, a newly-developed fighter jet onboard the ship had many Western powers operating in the region intrigued, if not concerned.

The jet in question was the MiG-29K, a brand new Navalised variant of one of the most successful Russian fighters ever built, the MiG-29, a jet that's been in service with the Indian Air Force since the mid-eighties.

But the MiG-29K is a very different beast. Equipped with a host of new weapons and sensors, the jet is considered among the most capable of its generation, a fighter that could potentially threaten several contemporary Western fighters including newer variants of the F-15 or F-16.
As it turns out, Russia was not the first Navy to deploy the MiG-29K. That honour had come to the Indian Navy a few years ago. Along with the aircraft carrier Vikramaditya, the Indian Navy had received the MiG-29K as part of a package deal. Which is why, the US would hardly give up any opportunity to exercise with the MiG-29K.
18/07/17 Vishnu Som/NDTV