Thursday, August 10, 2017

AAI’s long term plan: shift its colony, ATC tower to make space for more planes at Chennai airport

Chennai: Airports Authority of India (AAI) is considering to free up some land lying close to the runway on the side of the GST Road at Chennai airport to build more parking bays for planes, straighten a taxiway and use the space to augment the operational capacity in the coming years.
There have been internal discussions to shift the residential colony and a wedding hall that is on the west side of the GST Road — in the space between the road and the runway — and to free up the old cargo area and the old airport building. The suggestion was to have commercial establishments or build facilities that will add capacity to handle more flights.
As the state government has not expressed much interest in building a second airport at Sriperumbudur, AAI is now seriously thinking of putting its act together and implement its plans as there is an urgent need to boost the flight-operating capacity. "The AAI colony will be shifted to the international airports division's staff colony which is located farther from the airport and the space that will be freed up will be used for development of apron where planes are handled because it is located close to the runway. There is also a plan to move the air traffic control tower to another location so that the space it occupies near the taxiway can be used for flight operations," a senior AAI official said. "These proposals are included in the master plan prepared for the long term development of the airport and it is difficult to fix a time frame. It will take several years before something can be done in this regard. But we will need this space to build facilities for operations and not for setting up commercial establishments to earn revenue," he said.
10/08/17 Times of India