Wednesday, August 09, 2017

AI Frankfurt-Delhi flight's windshield cracks midair, plane safely diverted to Tehran

New Delhi: An Air India Dreamliner, with 249 passengers on board flying from Frankfurt to Delhi, had to be diverted to Tehran on Wednesday morning after its windshield cracked midair.
"The left cockpit windshield of the AI 120 cracked. The aircraft was then diverted to Tehran where all passengers have been sent to hotels. We are sending a Jumbo Jet from Mumbai to Tehran at 2pm (IST Wednesday) with man and material for repairing the Dreamliner. The Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet will fly the passengers to Delhi," said an AI spokesman.
AI 120 had departed on time from Frankfurt and was scheduled to reach Delhi at 8.30am today. En route, the windshield cracked and the plane had to be diverted.
The Dreamliner stranded in Tehran will be flown back to Delhi after its cracked windshield is replaced.
Windshield cracks happen due to uneven heating or something hitting the same. "This happens in an aircraft usually after four to five years or when some foreign object hits the same. There could also be water ingress in windshields and then the electric system inside it gets short-circuited," said a source.
Cracked windshields have been a recurring problem with the Boeing 787, with Air India also getting its share of the problem. While this issue has arisen after a gap, two to three years ago, it was a regular occurrence on the Dreamliners.
09/08/17 Saurabh Sinha/Times of India