Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Iraqi student deported for misconduct with woman

Pune: An Iraqi national was deported on Tuesday by the police for allegedly blackmailing a woman from Turkmenistan and threatening to make viral some of her photos.
The deportation of Al Obaidi Muntadur Hassan Nouri, a pharmacy student from a college in the city, had to be cancelled on two previous occasions for reasons like his unwillingness to leave India and the Iraqi airlines refusing to confirm his ticket.
An Iraqi consulate official's appeal to delay Nouri's deportation for sometime was rejected by police commissioner Rashmi Shukla following which he was finally deported.
A team from Mundhwa police and foreigners' registration office handed over the suspect to the immigration authorities at the Mumbai airport. He flew to Doha by a Qatar Airways flight at 4.26am on Tuesday and onward to Baghdad, Iraq's capital city.
23/08/17 Asseem Shaikh/Times of India