Thursday, August 03, 2017

Woman stranded with 2 kids at Abu Dhabi airport, her horrific tale on Etihad Airways’ insensitivity goes viral

New Delhi: Whenever we have boarded a flight for a vacation or to go back home from one, we expect pleasant smiling faces to welcome us on-board, and a wonderful experience thereafter. But of late, more and more instances of misdemeanours by airline staff have been coming to light, thanks to social media. The latest to catch people’s attention is a horrific narration of a mother of two that is going viral on Facebook. Calling it the worst 30 hours of her life, Mohana Ray, a resident of the United States, was stranded at the Abu Dhabi airport with her two little daughters, because of the Etihad Airways’ insensitivity.
After her five-year-old daughter threw up on a flight back home from Kolkata, they were made to deboard at Abu Dhabi airport, where the doctor said her daughter threw up because of extreme motion sickness and exhaustion would have caused the fever. They were not allowed to get on the flight to US that took off at 3:30am because her daughter was running a fever. While they were made to wait again, they were offered care of transportation, hotel and another medical checkups, and they did not even get a lounge to relax at. Ray wrote that they slept on the airport floor with her daughter, whose exhaustion increased as a result of all the trauma they were going through. After walking from one desk to the other, dealing with unruly and rude officials till she finally got to the 10:15am flight, Ray even thought she will be stranded in the strange city with her children on her own. But her problems did not end even then. Her daughter’s condition worsened after they boarded the flight. “I was not sure if we will make the 14 long hours of flight to NYC with Olita. … Somehow we survived the flight,” she wrote.
03/08/17 Indian Express