Friday, September 22, 2017

AI cancels bird-hit flight’s return journey to Chandigarh

Pune: An Air India flight was grounded on Thursday afternoon after the airline's technical team noticed a glitch in its engine due to a bird-hit, within a fortnight of a similar incident.
The glitch was detected when the Pune-Chandigarh flight (AI-813) was under inspection after landing in Pune with 122 passengers on board around 1.20pm. The return flight to Chandigarh (AI-814) scheduled at 2pm was cancelled.
"It seems the flight from Chandigarh to Pune was hit by a bird while landing. All passengers are safe," an Air India official told TOI. "After the flight landed, an engineering team was checking all the components to get it ready for the next flight. The ground staff was alerted immediately after the glitch was noticed," he said.
"The engineers checked the aircraft thoroughly and the flight had to be cancelled as the damage was heavy. The passengers were informed and their proper care was taken. While some were provided hotel accommodation, local people went home. Air India will be arranging another flight for them," he said.
22/09/17 Times of India