Sunday, September 24, 2017

Drones ordered to stay away from airport area

Kochi: Following a directive from the ministry of civil aviation, district collector, K Mohammed Y Safirulla, has issued instructions forbidding people from flying drones and sky lanterns within 2-km radius of the Cochin International Airport (Cial).The notice issued has said that legal action would be taken against those who violate the directive. "We received the directive from the civil aviation ministry two weeks ago. It is applicable all across India and is meant to enhance security measures," said the collector, who added that there have been no drone-related incidents at the Cial.
Cial airport director Chandrakumaran Nair A said the decision will help in securing the airport from potential safety threats that drones could pose.
"There are two major threats, the first being that if the person operating the drone losses control of it, it could enter the path of the aircraft arriving or departing from the airport. It would cause a major safety issue," said Nair, who said that several such incidents have already taken place at other air ports. On August 20, all flight operations were halted at the Indira Gandhi Airport in Delhi after a pilot, flying in from Goa spotted an unidentified flying object while landing the aircraft at around at 7.10pm. All three runways of the airport were closed and four flights were diverted. The airport resumed operations at 7.55pm.
In January , a pilot spotted a drone flying just 2km from his plane at 12,000 altitudes while approach altitudes while approach ing the runway at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Inter national Airport in Mum bai while flying in from Nagpur.
24/09/17 Vikram Vinod/Times of India