Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Dolphin RFID collaborates with Aman Aviation to give Indian Aviation a huge fillip

Mumbai: Dolphin RFID, an end-to-end RFID solutions company and Aman Aviation, India’s first Maintenance and Repair Organization (MRO) dealing in repair and overhaul of aircraft components, have joined hands to augment one of India’s most important sectors – civil aviation.

Together, they will enable Indian civil aviation sector to adopt RFID based international best practices followed by companies such as Boeing and Airbus. In the process, they will enable airline companies to reduce time spent on ground, augment the number of trips, turn profitable and also make air travel in India much more cost-effective whilst maintaining the high levels of safety.

Through the collaboration, Aman aviation will leverage Dolphin’s RFID technology based solutions to help airlines to reduce inspection time and bring down man-hours of maintenance by eliminating/ reducing time consuming paperwork without compromising on the stringent aviation sector safety standards. There are a number of components such as oxygen cylinders, first aid kits, physician’s kits, oxygen masks, fire extinguishers, lavatory items, life vests, seat belts, etc. that needs to be checked prior to every take-off. RFID based solutions can get this done in minutes.

In the area of tracking solutions, introducing RFID can translate in huge savings. For instance, over 10 million pieces of luggage are mishandled per year and each mishandled luggage costs an average US$90 to the airline or the airport authorities. RFID solutions supports efficient tracking of assets and inventory through all stages of the complex supply chain extending from manufacturers, through bonded stores and right up to the end users – followed by accurate Cloud based Maintenance Management for the aircrafts.

Using Dolphin’s RFID technology, Aman can help the ground maintenance staff to track and trace the special tools required for maintenance. The utilisation of maintenance manpower is fully optimised by use of RFID systems.
29/06/16 India Infoline