Sunday, January 27, 2013

Air India to keep Boeing 787 grounded till February 17

New Delhi: The six Boeing 787 aircraft in the Air India fleet will remain grounded till February 17. This means that the newest aircraft in the airline fleet will remain grounded for a month, as it was on January 17 that Air India had grounded its Boeing 787 fleet. Initially, Air India expected the 787 aircraft to be grounded for three to five days.
This will not be good news for Air India. The airline was looking at the induction and use of the Boeing 787 aircraft to turn around its financial fortunes. The aircraft was generating revenues of Rs 2 crore a day when it was in service. The airline grounded the aircraft after the Directorate General of Civil Aviation asked Air India to stop using the Boeing 787 till a problem with a battery on board had been sorted out.The Directorate General took the decision to ground the aircraft after US watchdog Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) pointed out problems with the battery.
26/01/13 Business Line