Friday, January 18, 2013

Ajit Singh hints tough action against 'erring' trainers, examiners

New Delhi: Civil Aviation minister Ajit singh said that action would be taken against the airlines' trainers and examiners for fudging the simulator training records of the pilots.
Last year, an internal probe by the aviation regulatory body DGCA had established that the senior-ranking trainers from Air India and Jet had logged in more number of simulator training as compared to actual hours of training, seriously compromising the pilots’ competence and thereby jeopardising passenger safety. Aviation experts said that the practice was a gross violation of safety norms as simulators are the only places where a pilot learns to deal with emergencies.
Singh told reporters, "The fudging of the pilots training records is not a small thing. Airline training is the most important reflex action required by pilots. For fudging this training document, strong action has to be taken to show that safety would never be compromised."
18/01/13 Business Standard