Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cargo services to India face snags

Muscat: Small time door-to-door cargo service providers in the Sultanate are on the verge of closing down their operations as the Indian Customs Department has started implementing the tightened import rules strictly, leaving the customers in the lurch.
"If it took only 10 to 20 days to send goods to India, it's now taking around three to four months. The rules are tightened, so we are not able to deliver customers their goods on time. Thus, we are losing our business," a door-to-door cargo service provider claimed. Around half-a-dozen small-time cargo service providers in Ruwi are reportedly planning to close down their operations.
The new rules were initiated some three months ago but their strict implementation began some 20 days back. "From then on, we are not able to assure our customers that their goods will be delivered on time. Most of our customers will be going on leave for 30 or maximum 45 days. So, if they cannot get their goods while they are in the home country, they are not interested in sending it through us," a door-to-door cargo service provider said.
19/01/13 Rejimon K/Times of Oman