Saturday, March 23, 2013

Air fares go into a tailspin, down 30% from last March

Mumbai: The domestic air traveller hasn't had it this good in over a year. Those who book for April or even the beginning of May can expect to bag fares almost 20% to 30% lower than those in March last year. April and May-beginning are usually lean travel months. Airfares for travel in April, even weekends, are already lower than the usual fares during lean months.
A search on Saturday through major online travel portals throws up a one-way fare of Rs 4,600 from Mumbai to Delhi on a weekend. The return on Monday morning is as cheap as Rs 4,300. A Mumbai-to-Delhi ticket, a few months ago, would cost at least Rs 6,000.
A Mumbai-to-Kolkata flight ticket for April could cost Rs 4,700. Another usually expensive destination, Chennai, comes for as low as Rs 4,100 for April.
23/03/13 Chinmayi Shalya/Times of India