Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Air India to lease 19 Airbus A-320 aircraft

New Delhi: Air India plans to lease 19 Airbus A-320 aircraft, which will be able to fly 180 passengers in an all-economy configuration.
The proposal to lease the aircraft, which will replace the same number of A-320 aircraft being phased out, was approved at the airline’s board meeting here on Tuesday.
The aircraft being phased out were acquired as part of an order placed by Indian Airlines in 1989; 14 of the A-320s being phased out are owned by Air India, while five are leased.
While the owned aircraft will be sold, the leased ones will be returned after the agreements lapse.
The induction of the leased capacity, which is expected to begin in the third quarter of this fiscal, will see an increase in seats being offered by the airline. Each of the aircraft being phased out offers seats ranging from 144 to 168.
07/05/13 Business Line