Tuesday, June 25, 2013

AAI seeks hourly weather updates to reduce delays, diversions

New Delhi: In a move aimed at preventing flight delays and saving on fuel charges, Airport Authority of India is planning to seek hourly updates on weather from the Meteorological department. Sources said this will help prevent major flight diversions and will enable better planning before flights take off and land.
Till now, the Met department would provide weekly weather updates. However, despite prior planning, small changes in weather have often caused long delays and diversions. Sources said the move will help manage domestic flight schedules better.
An airport official said: "The Airport Authority of India has been in talks with the Met department, seeking hourly updates. Till now, the Met department has been giving weekly updates on the weather. The advantage of this move will be that two to three hours before a flight takes off or lands, one can know the weather conditions in different cities."
25/06/13 Shalini Narayan/Indian Express