Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Crashed chopper was hi-tech, equipped for risky missions

New Delhi: The courageous rescue effort of IAF became a tragedy today in Uttarakhand with a MI-17 V5 helicopter on a rescue operation crashing in the hills around Gaurikund. Initial reports said eight people have died of whom five are crew members and three civilians. The weather had turned extreme as the evening rolled by, making aircraft sorties very difficult. IAF had in fact had ordered in 2008, more of these medium-lift choppers, from Russia after a spate of natural disasters following the tsunami in 2004 and heavy snowfall related deaths in Kashmir in 2005. The Mi-17 V 5 chopper is a workhorse. It is medium-lift chopper, with over five tonne load carrying capability, used to ferry troops and VIPs.
The Mi-17 V5 is equipped with state-of-the-art avionics and on board navigation systems like on-board weather radar and state-of-the-art autopilot. Integrated into this latest avionics is advanced night-vision equipment and a glass cockpit.
25/06/13 Prahlad/One India