Sunday, January 12, 2014

AI flight had sufficient fuel to fly to Udaipur Airport!

The Air India flight which made an emergency landing at Jaipur Airport on Sunday night in dense fog reportedly had sufficient fuel to reach Udaipur where it could have landed safely.
A tyre of the plane had burst while landing and its wing had also got damaged. There were over 160 passengers onboard when the incident occurred. The plane had remained stranded on the runway, thus hampering the flight operations for 14 hours at airport.
Airport authorities have reportedly revealed that during landing, the airport traffic control (ATC) officials had warned the pilot against landing here because visibility and runway visual range (RVR) at the airport was not as per the norms.
Still, the pilot had landed the plane at a visibility of less than 200 metres. An Airbus normally requires 550 to 750 metres of visibility for safe landing.
Initially, it was said that the plane didn't have sufficient fuel to go elsewhere, and so the pilot had no choice but to land the aircraft in the city. But sources at the airport have a different story to tell. Sources said, "The capacity of the fuel tank is about 18,000 kg. And after the incident, when officials checked the fuel tank, around 2,400 kg fuel was found in the tank. It is being said that if the plane was diverted to Udaipur, it could have landed safely there."
11/01/14 4-traders