Saturday, October 22, 2016

Drone-making is now an easy task, IIT Bombay alumni conducts workshop

Jamshedpur: Drona Aviation, a start-up venture that makes nano drones for various security and monitoring purposes, conducted a workshop that saw participation from corporate houses and students.

One of the first products of Drona Aviation is Pluto, the nano drone that was taught at the workshop held at the JRD Tata Sports Complex. Drona Aviation is one of the starts up ventures incubated by IIT Bombay. The founders are all alumni members of IIT Bombay.

Inaugurating the workshop, Sunil Bhaskaran, vice-president, corporate services, Tata Steel, said that the future is about drones as it’s a great innovation and can be used for various purposes in daily life.

The workshop conducted by former IITians focussed on what are drones. The speakers also spoke about the history of drones, its applications and how it is made. In fact the workshop required everybody to make their own drones.

Every participant was provided with a kit to make drones. In fact Drona Aviation sells these drones at Rs 4999 which are used for various purposes.
22/10/16 Avenue Mail