Sunday, October 23, 2016

Duo's vanishing act at IGI airport sends CISF in a tizzy

New Delhi: A couple who was to travel to Toronto went missing from the international terminal of IGI during the check-in on Sunday morning, sending the authorities into a tizzy for hours. After screening footage from over 3,000 CCTV cameras, CISF finally traced the duo boarding a Pune-bound flight and they were brought back to Delhi.
Officials suspect them to be part of a human trafficking racket.
Around 12.30am, the CISF personnel at T3 were informed by the immigration that a couple—Amit Rajaram Chavan and his wife Sheetal Amit Chavan—who was scheduled to travel from New Delhi to Munich and further to Toronto via London, checked in with two bags at an airline counter but left without collecting their boarding cards.
CISF promptly alerted the entire surveillance and CCTV teams at IGI. "But the passengers could not be located. They were also not seen exiting the terminal building. Their checked-in baggage was immediately screened for explosives or any suspicious element but nothing was found, prompting the force to rush to Security Operations Control Centre and screen over 3,000 CCTV cameras installed at the terminal," said Manjit Singh, deputy commandant and PRO, CISF.
23/10/16 Anvit Srivastava/Times of India