Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Irony Of Indian Travel: Govt. Caps Domestic Airfares To Rs 2500 Per Hour; IRCTC’s Dynamic Pricing Cause Rs 200 Cr Loss!

Travel industry in India is right now undergoing a unique transformation, which was witnessed in US and Europe during 1950s and 1960s. On one hand rail travel is getting expensive, which has resulted in record loss for Indian Railways; air travel is getting cheaper day by day on the other hand.

This posts an interesting question for the travel industry as a whole – Will air travel become the de-facto travel mode for the aam aadmi and will replace rail travel as we know it? Or it is a passing phase, which will soon change?

Regional air-travel, which in layman terms means air-connectivity between a state capital with other small cities is in bad condition inside India, mainly due to high airfares and less demand.

So, in case you wish to search a flight from Delhi to Ambala or say Chandigarh to Bhatinda or Mumbai to Mehsana, there aren’t any flights available.

And in case there are airports in Tier 2 or 3 cities, then they aren’t used much. There are 16 airports in India which has less than 1 flight a day or less than 7 flights a week; there are 400 airports which haven’t witnessed a single flight in the last two air schedules.
24/10/16 Mohul Ghosh/Trak.in