Saturday, October 22, 2016

Jet Airways replies to Preity Zinta's charges on poor passenger service

Jet Airways came out with a clarification to complaints by Bollywood actress Preity Zinta that the carrier's negligence resulted in her missing her flight on Wednesday. While Zinta vowed never to fly on Jet Airways, the company said she missed her flight due to her own compulsions.
The carrier did not directly refer to Zinta in its response to the controversy, but chose to use the term "a passenger". The reference to the ticket number is available to draw an inference that Jet Airways was clarifying its position to Zinta's tweets complaining of poor passenger service.
"A guest (passenger) waiting in lounge to board 9W 305 would not board the flight as she was awaiting a parcel to arrive for her at the airport. Airline staff met her a few times requesting her to board as it was nearing flight closure time," a Jet spokesperson told International Business Times, India.
21/10/16 S V Krishnamachari/International Business Times