Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Over 21,000 AI employees to use sun shades to promote airlines

Over 21,000 employees of government-owned Air India, including around 2,000 stationed abroad, would now promote 'brand Air India' through the use of specially-designed sun shades, carrying its advertisement on the rear windshield of their cars.

To begin with, the carrier has already rolled out 10,OOO large size stickers, carrying advertisement of the proposed New Delhi-Madrid flight as well as the New Delhi-San Francisco flight, which is going to be six times-a-week from next month, as well as brand Air India, which are being provided to the employees for the purpose.

"We have around over 21,000 workforces, including the officers. And if these employees use these stickers on their vehicles, they will be taking the brand where ever they travel to. We will also be promoting the brand this way abroad as about 10 per cent of these employees are working overseas," an Air India spokesperson said.
18/10/16 PTI/Business Standard