Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Airbus keen to involve Indian suppliers in co-designing aircraft parts

Bengaluru: Airbus on Tuesday said that it wants to deepen the level of involvement of its suppliers from India to an extent where they start co- designing parts for the aircraft maker.

Airbus India CEO S Dwarkanath told BusinessLine that the European plane maker is looking at vertical as well as horizontal integration leading up to involving Indian suppliers with design of aircraft parts.

“The holy grail in the future would be design and partner. Today, many of the aerostructure suppliers in India build to print, carry out assembly or render engineering services,” Dwarkanath said.

Earlier, the British Prime Minister, Theresa May launched the commercial production of flap track beams for A330 at the Dynamatics Technologies’ factory near here.

Dynamatics has been supplying flap track beams for A320 series since 2008. For the A330, Dynamatics will initially produce two of these per month and eventually scale up to about 100 aircraft shipsets a year.

The A330 is the world’s largest selling long range wide bodied aircraft and has a seating capacity of 295.

Dwarkanath said the aircraft maker’s focus will be vertical integration in India. He said from manufacturing detailed parts, it wants its suppliers to start doing medium assemblies and then move on to complex assemblies. Simultaneously, it wants to start sourcing raw material.

“While making a part from a billet, lot of raw material gets wasted. So, we want to recycle it and add value,” he said. Airbus is also looking at sourcing complete systems and even cabins from India at a later stage.
09/11/16 K Giriprakash/Business Line