Thursday, November 17, 2016

Airline told to pay passenger for trouble caused at hill station

Ahmedabad:  A consumer court has asked Air India Ltd to compensate a passenger, who had to suffer due to chilling cold at a hill station after the airlines lost her bag full of woollen clothes.
The court asked the airline to pay Rs 11,000 to Navrangpura resident, Pravina Brahmbhatt, for the problems she faced during her weeklong trip to Gangtok in Sikkim in December 2012. The airlines will have to pay Rs 10,000 to her for mental harassment, and Rs 5,000 more for the expenses she incurred on litigation.
Brahmbhatt did not get her bag back for next two days and suffered in the chilling cold at the hill station because her woollen clothes were in the missing bag. She was forced to purchase woollen clothes by paying Rs 8,000 as the bag never reached the destination.
17/11/16 Times of India