Friday, November 11, 2016

At IGI, chaos leads to frayed nerves

 With the two highest denominated notes losing currency, fliers are facing a lot of inconvenience, right from outsiders being shocked to find the money they are carrying is no longer valid to flare-ups over money to pay for tickets and to hire cabs.

Unsuspecting foreigners, like Sheragha, an Afghan, have been particularly affected. When the 26-year-old from Kabul arrived at IGI Airport for medical treatment and booked a cab, he learnt that the big sum he had carried for hospital expenses was no longer legal tender. He could only stare at his collection of Rs 500 notes in dismay and wonder how he could cope now.

Another visitor, Hamid Akbari, reached Delhi on Thursday, unaware that the cash he was carrying, mostly Rs 1,000 notes, would land him in a spot. "Getting a taxi from the airport to hotel was the first problem I faced," said Akbari. "I am only hoping that the hotel will help me get the denominations I can use."
The ticket counters at the airport and the parking lots witnessed long queues as customers quarreled with airport personnel over transactions. Police had to intervene on a number of occasions. "Around 9.40pm on Wednesday, one Aniti Chatwal called to say the airline's counter was refusing to accept Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes," said a senior police officer. "Earlier, at 9.10pm, one Pawan Kumar told us that parking attendants were not accepting the notes. We received many calls of a similar nature."
11/11/16 Anvit Srivastava/The Times Of India