Friday, November 04, 2016

Chhath rush: Airfares fly north

Flying to Patna from New Delhi or Mumbai ahead of Chhath is more expensive than going to Bangkok, Singapore or several other south-east Asian countries.
The airfare on Delhi-Patna route for Friday has surged to around Rs 12,000, whereas that for Kolkata-Bangkok was around Rs 8,000 for the same day. Similarly, a person can fly on Kolkata-Singapore route on Friday by paying around Rs 11,000, which is even less than the airfare on Mumbai-Patna route over the next three days.
The surge is due to Chhath during which people from Bihar prefer to be at home with their families. However, the homecoming is not a smooth affair due to the festive rush in flights as well as trains. Professionals and students in other cities would rush back home latest by Saturday, so as to offer ‘arghya’ (obeisance) to the Sun God on Sunday evening. In civil aviation, rush in air travel results in high airfares and the same has happened in the flights operating on Patna route.
The normal airfare of Rs 3,000-3,500 on Delhi-Patna route soared to more than thrice for a flight on Friday and Saturday due to the Chhath rush and it was in the range of Rs 9,000-12,000. The tickets for Air India flight on Delhi-Patna route for Friday were available for as high as Rs 28,618, whereas GoAir and Jet Airways were offering tickets in the range of Rs 12,000-15,000.
03/11/16 Piyush Tripathi/The Times Of India